Monday, March 19, 2018

Iraq snapshot

Monday, March 19, 2018.  The Iraq War hits the 15 year mark.

Earlier this month, VARIETY profiled Barbra Streisand . . . for some reason.  I loved the notion that the star had used her power to get the stories made that she wanted.

What stories?

That awful STAR IS BORN remake?  It wasn't NUTS, she stepped over Debra Winger to steal that role so the film would have been made regardless (and much more believable with another actress).  WHAT'S UP DOC? -- she hates that film to this day.  In the feature, she talked about the hideous HELLO DOLLY.  Are we really supposed to believe that musical wouldn't have been made without Barbra?  It would have been made with Doris Day or any other musical comedy performer (Debbie Reynolds, for example).  FOR PETE'S SAKE -- the film that captured Barbra's homophobia on camera?  (Later, she'd visit the set of one of the RAIDERS and hurl -- joking! -- homophobic comments at Harrison Ford -- you can probably find that online.)  THE OWL & THE PUSSYCAT?  That would have (and should have) been made with Elizabeth Taylor but at least it proved Barbra could have two homophobic movies in her filmography -- what an accomplishment for a woman who would be nothing without her gay fans.  I won't begrudge her YENTL.  But that's over a decade into her box office power.  After that, she's got nothing to brag about or even anything that qualifies as a noble failure.

That got overlooked in all the rightful outrage over her demonstrating that she was someone with too much money and too little common sense: She's cloned her dogs.  She should be ashamed.  Not only because there are rescue dogs in need of homes but also because it shows where her priorities are -- bringing to life dead dogs.  She's is the dead.  The Living Dead.

And the rightful shock over the cloning of dogs led many to miss the most outrageous part of the feature.

This is what the nut case said:

And now, in retrospect, Bush looks quite good compared to Trump. At least he’s not mean-spirited.

Useless nut said what?

Bully Boy Bush looks quite good compared to Trump.

Let's quote someone more gifted and more knowledgeable -- certainly more ethical -- than Barbra.  This is Harry Belafonte from his best selling MY SONG:

I really did think -- still do -- that George W. Bush was a terrorist.  My only mistake was in calling him the greatest terrorist in the world, since I had not met them all.  His launching a war against Iraq without cause, and with treacherous intent, resulting in the needless deaths of thousands of American servicemen and -women and tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens, the majority of them civilians, qualified him for the title, as far as I was concerned.  Those thousands of innocent lives lost were, to the Bush Administration, just "collateral damage," a phrase that I find infuriating.  To me, collateral damage is just a brazen attempt to find moral grounds for crimes against humanity.

That reality never occurs to Barbra.  She's apparently stuffed her face so full of fillers that there's no chance for an independent or honest thought to penetrate that skull.

Recently, still needing applause but too lazy to do anything, Barbra's taken to praising herself for not being harassed.  She leaves out the part about how her then live-in Jon Peters harassed plenty of women and Barbra didn't hold him accountable but instead blamed the women.

Today is the 15th anniversary of the start of the ongoing Iraq War and an airhead like Barbra is so out of touch she actually declared this month, "And now, in retrospect, Bush looks quite good compared to Trump. At least he’s not mean-spirited."

Think of all the millions dead and wounded in this illegal war and you start to grasp how a society can arrive at a point where they exclaim, "Off with her head!"

In Iraq, babies are born with birth defects because of the weapons the US used there.  But Barbra's cloning her damn dogs.  She should fear people storming Malibu.  Maybe that would force her to do something wiser with the money too many have foolishly forked over to her.

Let's note crazy Barbra's hero Robert Mueller.

Amid the hysteria in Britain & as the 15th anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq nears, here's a video of Robert Mueller lying to the world about WMD's This vile criminal, responsible for countless deaths, has been fully rehabilitated by liberals

Robert Mueller in 2003 ahead of the start of the Iraq War: As Director [George] Tenat has pointed out, Secretary [Colin] Powell presented evidence last week that Baghdad has failed to disarm its Weapons of Mass Destruction willfully attempting to evade and deceive the international  community.  Our particular concern is that Saddam Hussein may supply terrorists with biological, chemical or radiological material.

Harry Belafonte one more time:

To which I say, nine years later: Who was right and who was wrong about Iraq?  About the satellite images showing supposed mobile factories for chemical weapons?  About the supposed bunkers of munition workers?  About the stockpiled weapons of mass destruction?  And is it too much to suggest that Powell and [Condi] Rice, in their eagerness to please their president, did indeed make the moral compromises that house Negroes made in the days of slavery?  That had they followed a higher moral calling, they might have helped prevent that war?

Some stand tall,  Some cowards (Barbra, we mean you) slither on their bellies like the snakes they are. 

Pay attention, Barbra:

Here’s my problem with many, though not all, of . Many of the GOP leaders they now eviscerate for enabling Trump also enabled phony WMD evidence & torture before and during Iraq war. As did they.

Oh.  Believe he burned you, Barbra, worse than in any of his  film reviews attacking you.

What trash like Barbra and Rachel Maddow have done is muddy the waters.

Fifteen years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March 2003, 48% of Americans say the decision to use military force was wrong, while slightly fewer (43%) say it was the right decision.

That number should be much higher but when liars go around spinning for the War Merchants like Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton and Bully Boy Bush, it's no surprise that the number isn't higher.

It's cute to watch the whores line up to redeem the death merchants who sold the Iraq War.  But, hey, they also feel that Hillary Clinton was presidential and she voted for the Iraq War, she supported it and only finally called it a mistake after Barack Obama used it to bury her in the Democratic Party primaries of 2008.  And, only much later, would she explain the "mistake" she made was not to vote for and support the illegal war but to believe that Bully Boy Bush would have sent more US troops into Iraq in March of 2003 than he ended up doing.

That's her "mistake."  And, for the record, though the press has repeatedly insisted in the last four years that she has apologized, she never apologized for the Iraq War.  Nor did she use her time as Secretary of State attempting to help Iraqi women.  She even rejected the pleas of one of her few actual female friends who begged her to do something for Iraqi women.

Cindy Sheehan has an essay about this 15th anniversary of the ongoing tragedy and we'll note this section:

o call the 2003 US invasion and subsequent (and ongoing) occupation of Iraq a "mistake" would also be highly inappropriate. The US war machine and its "coalition" knew exactly what they were doing---the destruction of Iraq to seize the oil fields and enrich the war profiteers has been highly successful for them. The destructive US foreign policy is policy, not “oops, we just fell into a war and made a mess.”

The consequences for today are a horrid legacy of poverty and disease for the people of Iraq. Depleted uranium and poisoned water and land are still killing the people there and the US is still occupying the country despite the fraud of Commander in Grief Obama ending the war in 2009; as agent orange and unexploded land mines are still haunting the people of Vietnam, who "won" the war, but have lost the peace. 

The ongoing war has destroyed the country of Iraq and reduced it to a nation of widows and orphans where the median age isn't even 20.  Are they thrilled?  They must be!  We keep hearing that things have never been better in Iraq.  Campbell MacDiarmid (ALJAZEERA) explains that the sentiment of the few rulers and not the feelings of the masses:

"My older brother grew up a few years ahead of me and had friends in different governorates across Iraq but for me, I have only friends in Anbar, I don't have friends in Basra or in other governorates," said Mahmoud Zaki, 34. "Because of what happened with the invasion and the sectarianism that came afterwards divided the Iraqi fabric, it kept us apart."
With dead relatives, lost opportunities and a feeling of insecurity, many Iraqis remain less interested in elections and democracy than taking care of their loved ones. "I don't want to be wealthy; I want to have a decent life, I want to be safe, I want my family to be safe," said Zaki, who spent two years in American-run prisons on spurious accusations of supporting the rebellion.
The ongoing violence even makes many Iraqis nostalgic for the relative stability under the former strongman.

"Under Saddam, you could do whatever you wanted to do, so long as you stayed away from politics and didn't say anything against the government," said Sami Josef, a 32-year-old Christian from Baghdad whose uncle died fighting the Americans. "Until this day, I say God rest the soul of Saddam."

We need honesty.

Instead we get lies from idiots like Amanda Terkel (HUFFINGTON POST).  Idot?

She did write:

In 2012, Obama won re-election against Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who was one of the biggest hawks in Congress.

In 2012, Barack ran against Mitt Romney.  They're called facts, Terkel.

Need some more?  Ben Rhodes is a hack and a hawk.  You shouldn't promote him if you're talking about a future of wise decisions.

Nor should you promote War Hawk Tammy Duckworth.  She is not a progressive.  And her being in Congress didn't stop Libya from being attacked, did it? 

It's interesting that Terkel pretends to be against the Iraq War -- such a poser -- but I'm seeing tons of pro-War Hawks in her article and only  two -- Russ Feingold and Katrina vanden Heuvel -- who actually opposed the war.

The Iraq War started on March 19th (US) and March 20th (Iraq).  That's the time difference.  We'll note the anniversary tomorrow as well.

But for those that don't grasp the Iraq War has continued, note this:

This week in 2017, the US dropped a 500 lbs bomb on a crowded residential area of West Mosul, Iraq, unleashing a massive explosion, which killed nearly 300 civilians, many of them children. The strike was the US’s most deadly air strike for civilians in 25 years.

Also don't forget that seven US service members were killed in the helicopter crash last week in Iraq.  From the US Defense Dept:

Killed was:
Captain Mark K. Weber, 29, of Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was assigned to the 38th Rescue Squadron at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia. For more information, media may contact the 23rd Wing public affairs office at 229-257-4146.
Also killed were:
Captain Andreas B. O'Keeffe, 37, of Center Moriches, New York.
Captain Christopher T. Zanetis, 37, of Long Island City, New York.
Master Sergeant Christopher J. Raguso, 39, of Commack, New York.
Staff Sergeant Dashan J. Briggs, 30, of Port Jefferson Station, New York.
All four were assigned to the 106th Rescue Wing at the Francis S. Gabreski Air National Guard Base, New York. For more information, media may contact the New York National Guard public affairs office at 518-786-4581.
Also killed were:
Master Sergeant William R. Posch, 36, of Indialantic, Florida.
Staff Sergeant Carl P. Enis, 31, of Tallahassee, Florida.
Both were assigned to the 308th Rescue Squadron, Air Force Reserve, at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. For more information, media may contact the 920th Rescue Wing public affairs office at 321-615-0329.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Hayder al-Abadi catches one break

IHEC warns off candidates from starting their election campaigns before the designated time which starts at April 10th, 2018. Penalties range from paying money to being disqualified from the elections for repeating offenders.

What a load of nonsense.  Hayder al-Abadi's used every Wednesday for the last two months to promote his candidacy.  IHEC is not independent.  Worse yet, the Justice and Accountability Commission remains in effect and will be vetting candidates yet again.

Nouri al-Maliki's used the commission repeatedly to prevent political rivals from running.

Atheel al-Nujaifi has long been a thorn in Nouri's side.  The former governor of Nineveh Province is in the news right now because, as ALSUMARIA reports, there are rumors that an arrest warrant has been issued for him.  Along with being a former governor, Atheel is also the brother of Osama al-Nujaifi who is currently Vice President of Iraq (one of three) as well as being the former Speaker of Parliament.  If an arrest warrant has been issued, this will be seen poorly for Hayder al-Abadi.  It will remind many of the arrest warrants Nouri, while prime minister, released against Sunni politicians -- including then-Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi.

In 2017, Tareq discussed Nouri's efforts in great detail.  AL ARABIYA reported:

Hashemi recounted the beginning of the problem which broke out between him and Nouri al-Maliki, asserting that “Maliki asked me to leave Iraq in exchange of dropping all the charges against me and releasing my security personnel.”
He also requested that the deputies of Al Iraqiyya bloc end the boycott of parliamentary sessions, and that “I declare that Diyala has no right to become a county.”
Revealing that he left Iraq after “two formal invitations I received from Qatar and Turkey,” after all mediations failed, and especially after President Jalal Talabani, told him that “there is no hope in solving this issue, after his envoy returned from Tehran.”
As for why he was targeted, the former Iraqi Vice President said that deputy Muwaffaq al-Rubaie had asked Prime Minister al-Maliki, about the reasons behind the witch hunt of al-Hashemi, and the latter had answered him: “Ask commander Qassim Soleimani,” referring to the commander of the Quds Force.

It's past time the commission was abolished.  It serves no real purpose.

That's Hayder al-Abadi saying, December 9, 2017, that ISIS has been "completely evicted" from Iraq.

Didn't turn out quite the way he bragged, did it?

In a bit of good news for Hayder, ALSUMARIA reports that Sadiq al-Shirazi's son Hussein al-Shirazi  has been released in Iran.  Hussein and his father are citizens of Iran but they are also citizens of Iraq and the arrest of the Shi'ite cleric Hussein had enraged Shi'ites in Iraq.

Ali Mamouri (AL-MONITOR) reports:

Iraqi demonstrations against Hussein Shirazi's arrest broke out in front of the Iranian Consulate in Karbala, the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad and near the border with Iran in Basra. The protesters shouted slogans against the Iranian regime's ongoing repression of their religious leaders in Iran, and demanded Shirazi's immediate release. They also called on Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his government to intervene and pressure Iran to release Shirazi.
In London, members of the Iraqi community protested in front of the Iranian Embassy. Four people were arrested after they climbed onto the porch and lowered the Iranian flag and then raised the Shirazi flag. British police intervened to restore calm.


Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Hillary's Tainted Get Out The Vote Effort" went up earlier today.  The following community sites updated:

  • Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

    Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah:

  • “Honesty and integrity”? Please. This is the same man that helped sell Bush’s war and lied to the American public and the world about those Iraqi WMDs. 🙄
  • Nor was it a good idea to turn Libya from the country with the highest Human Development Index in Africa to a failed-state where black Africans are now being sold in open slave markets - yet you and Obama proceeded ruthlessly regardless.
  •   Retweeted
    This man had the power to search every American’s records without a warrant. What’s disgraceful is attacking the Bill of Rights and the freedom of every American.
  •   Retweeted
    It wasn’t a good idea to turn Libya into a slave market either, but that didn’t stop *you.*
  • You headed an organization that slaughtered thousands of civilians overseas with flying robots, and trained, armed and spent billions on jihadists for regime change wars all across the Middle East and beyond. You don’t have the moral high ground.
  •   Retweeted
    You were the head of a drone program that killed thousands of innocent people, including many children. Save us the lecture on morality and please shut the fuck up.
  •   Retweeted
    McCabe firing story highlights how media coverage of larger FBI corruption story has been scandalously insufficient, incurious, stupid.
  •   Retweeted
    Oh please. You inflamed the war in Syria by backing and arming jihadist fanatics who put women in cages, beheaded innocents, burnt churches to the ground and drove millions from their homes. The last thing you care about is the Syrian people. Spare us the crocodile tears. 🙄
  •   Retweeted
    It is when you think of it, truly sinister that a private individual like me, holding no office, should receive a torrent of abuse from many major corporate media figures simply for expressing opinions with which they disagree and researching facts they choose to ignore.
  • And let’s not forget to thank your wife, Hillary Clinton, for fuelling the war in Syria by arming head-chopping, church-burning jihadists who have been terrorizing and slaughtering the Syrian people for years. Please, save us the faux empathy. 🙄
  • Via a Russian humanitarian corridor, thousands of civilians are fleeing the jihadists occupying Syria’s Eastern Ghouta to government-held areas, under the protection of the Syrian Army — the very same Syrian Army that the mainstream media claims is “gassing” its own people.

    1. So the same neocons who brought us the wars in Iraq & Libya are now clamoring for action & rattling the saber against Russia, accusing it of being behind the Salisbury poisonings without presenting even a shred of evidence to support their claims? 🤔 Looks like déjà vu.
    2.   Retweeted
      Listen, you can defend torture, or you can defend the Constitution. Not both. The 8th Amendment explicitly forbids torture with all forms of cruel and unusual punishment. To defend torture is to attack the Constitution.
    3.   Retweeted
      The evidence that Russia carried out the poisonings has not been shown to the Russian government, nor to us, the British public. Until it is we have every right to be sceptical, bearing in mind the lies we were told by our government about Iraqi WMDs 15 years ago
    4. Syria’s Army has uncovered 24 tons of chemical weapons in an area of Eastern Ghouta formerly occupied by Saudi-backed jihadists. If the so-called “international community” really cared about Syrian civilians, THIS is what it would be investigating.
    5. And if we follow Hillary Clinton’s money, we’ll find tens of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. — the world’s most ruthless dictatorships.
    6. A man who backed jihadists that committed political murder in Syria or Libya is the last person to comment on this matter.
    7.   Retweeted
      The European Union and the US Deep State are getting ready to set up another false flag in Syria as a pretext to interfere on the behalf of radical islamists. Why do we keep siding with terrorists?
    8.   Retweeted
      Pompeo was one of those Republicans who spent years demanding greater confrontation with Putin & mocking Obama for being too soft on Russia. He's a hard-core Russia hawk. Tilllerson was depicted as the opposite. Yet: replacing Tillerson with Pompeo is more proof of a KGB takeover
    9.   Retweeted
      I like how media have seamlessly gone from claiming Tillerson’s appointment was proof of their Russia conspiracy to claiming his dismissal is proof of their Russia conspiracy theory.
    10. This is beautiful. After being damaged by Al-Qaeda terrorists’ missiles a few years ago, today the Cathedral of Our Lady of Assumption in Syria’s Aleppo is being renovated and restored by Syrian artists.
    11. “An extraordinary number of former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections.”